Galata SurveyWatch: Visualizing Turkish 2023 Election Polls

Galata SurveyWatch is an interactive tool I developed for the Turkish startup survey company, Galata Survey (‘Galata Anket’ in Turkish). With this tool, you can easily access various survey results for the 2023 Turkish Elections and see trends over time for political parties and candidates. You can filter the data by survey company, year, and more.

Getting started

To begin using Galata SurveyWatch, simply visit the website and start exploring the interactive plots. The tool allows you to filter data by survey company, year, and other factors. You can also view trends over time for political parties and candidates, as well as compare them side-by-side.

Plotting survey data

The main feature of Galata SurveyWatch is the interactive plot. You can customize the plot by selecting specific political parties, candidates, survey companies, and date ranges. The plot will automatically update based on your selections, providing a dynamic and informative visualization of the election data.

Understanding the plot

The plot displays survey data points as colored dots, with each color representing a different political party or candidate. A Loess regression line is also drawn for each party or candidate, providing a smooth trend line that highlights the overall trajectory of their popularity over time.

In addition to the color-coded data points, the plot includes tooltips that provide more detailed information about each data point, such as the date, percentage of votes, and the survey company that conducted the poll.

Interactive Features

Galata SurveyWatch provides a range of interactive features to help you explore and understand the election data:

  • Hover: By hovering over a data point, you can view the specific date, vote percentage, and pollster associated with that survey.
  • Filter: Using the filter options, you can select specific survey companies, years, and other parameters to customize the data displayed on the plot. This enables you to analyze different segments of the data according to your interests.
  • Toggle Trend Lines: By clicking on the party or candidate names in the legend, you can toggle the display of their trend lines on and off, allowing you to compare different parties and candidates more easily.
  • Download: After customizing your plot, you can download it as an image by clicking the download button at the top right of the plot. This makes it easy to share your findings with friends or colleagues.

With these components and interactive features, Galata SurveyWatch makes it simple and engaging to analyze the survey results for the 2023 Turkish Elections. Explore the tool and gain insights into the political landscape as you watch trends unfold over time.

Technologies Used

To create this visualization, I used the power of RShiny for building a reactive web application and the Highcharts JavaScript library, along with its R wrapper package HighcharteR for creating interactive plots.

Highcharts is a popular JavaScript library for creating interactive charts on the web. Highcharter is an R wrapper for Highcharts that allows you to create these interactive plots easily using R code. With Highcharter, I was able to create dynamic plots that change according to user input, displaying the popularity of political parties and candidates over time and comparing them side by side.

I used various Highcharts chart types, such as scatter plots to display individual data points and splines for smooth trend lines. Highcharts’ extensive customization options also allowed me to fine-tune the appearance and interactivity of the charts.

Final Thoughts

Galata SurveyWatch is a powerful tool for visualizing Turkish election poll data and understanding the dynamics of the 2023 elections. With its easy-to-use interface and customizable features, it’s a valuable resource for anyone interested in Turkish politics. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement. Compliments to me, criticisms to Galata Survey company! :)

Feel free to check out the Galata SurveyWatch website and explore the interactive plots for yourself.

I hope you enjoy using the Galata SurveyWatch tool and find it useful for understanding the 2023 Turkish Elections. I always appreciate feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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