Selim Yaman

Selim Yaman


I hold a PhD in political science from American University, specializing in the intersection of data and politics. Methodologically, my research revolves around large language models and Bayesian statistics. Substantively, I study comparative politics, specifically focusing on public opinion and conflicts.

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Replication Analyst
Sep 2020 – Apr 2024 Washington DC, US
  • Worked in the most reputable academic journal in political methodology
  • Evaluated statistical analyses of submitted manuscripts, and assisted authors in debugging code
  • Heavily used command line tools, remote servers, SQL, R, and Python to ensure that all code reproduce authors’ original results
Graduate Assistant
Sep 2019 – Present Washington DC, US
  • Organized and thought at data science courses at Institute for Data Science and Big Data
  • Teaching Assistant for advanced Bayesian Statistics & Introduction to Statistics course
  • Helped students in understanding machine learning, coding, statistical modeling, debugging; held regular office hours; graded code assignments
  • R package development and maintenance (BaM, and RTwitter)
Data Analyst and TV Producer
Jan 2016 – Sep 2019 Istanbul (Turkey) and London (UK)
I analyzed and visualized data on the company’s international auidence. I also helped producing shows.


PhD in Political Science
Sep 2019 – May 2024 Washington D.C., USA
  • Subfields: Methodology and Comparative Politics
  • Dissertation on NLP methods in Political Science
  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Advanced Statistical Analysis
  • NLP
MSc in Political Economy of Development
Sep 2016 – Sep 2017 London, UK
  • Dissertation on Religion Effect on Economic Growth
  • Microeconomics
  • STATA, R
BA in Economics
Sep 2011 – Jun 2016 Istanbul, Turkey
This is where I first learnt about the introduction of data science with plenty of econometrics classes. Bogazici University is the most prestigious school in Turkey.


I was a TA for the machine learning course at University of Michigan’s ICPSR, worked with Professor Christopher Hare
Participant at ICPSR
Intensive summer program for methodology courses. I took two classes here: Machine Learning, and Python.
Teaching Assistant at Institute for Data Science and Big Data
In this every-day intensive course, I helped students everyday in debudding code, finding relavant datasets, and doing statistical analysis.
Teaching Assistant at Bayesian Statistics
I held regular office hours, designed and evaluated Bayesian statistics assignments every week. We used JAGS to implement multilevel Bayesian modeling.
Fellowship Award
I won the prestigious Kerwin Doctoral Fellowship - 10,000 USD for PhD dissertation
Conference Presentation
I presented a research article titled Bridging the Theory and Practice: Introducing Bayesian Partially-Protected Lasso’ at PolMeth 2023, Stanford University
Completed Summer Institute in Computational Social Sciences (SICSS) Istanbul
I participated in the summer courses, and we wrote a short research project on tweets posted on Israel-Palestine conflict. We estimated ideologies of Twitter users, and extracted what topics that they discussed.
Conference Presentation
I presented a research article titled ‘Estimating User Ideology on Twitter Using Large Language Models’ at the Comptext 2023 in Glasgow, UK
Conference Presentation
I presented a research article titled ‘Political Economy of Warlords: A Local-Level Analysis from Afghanistan’ at the 78th Annual Midwest Political Science Conference. You can find the article here.
Completed Winter Institute in Computational Social Sciences (WICSS) Tuscon
I participated an online program on computational social sciences hosted by University of Arizona.
Teaching Assistant at Introduction to Statistics using R
I held weekly office hours to help students overcome programming and statistical modeling challanges.